KORUS Consulting completed the implementation of the budgeting system on the
Anaplan cloud platform for INVITRO, a private healthcare company.

INVITRO, a major private healthcare company has been operating in the laboratory
diagnostics business for over 13 years. Today the company owns 9 most advanced
laboratory facilities in Eastern Europe and a chain of 1,100 healthcare offices. It
operates in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

The company continuously expands its product range and systemically develops new
business avenues. This urged the INVITRO management to improve corporate
budgeting approaches and to build a centralized system for transparent financial

Several software solutions were considered in the search of the budgeting system. Key
assessment criteria were, primarily, data security, system's flexibility and the
implementation speed. INVITRO leaders also considered whether the platform allowed
build-ons and in-house development without outsourced assistance.

The quest resulted in choosing the Anaplan cloud platform which is a proven leader
among cloud solutions for financial planning and analysis according to The Gartner
Magic Quadrant™ 2018 Report. KORUS Consulting was invited to deliver the project.
This designation continued an earlier successful cooperation between INVITRO and the
integrator's team. Together they had already implemented the budgeting system over
Oracle Hyperion Planning and created the data warehouse and the datamart at the
Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.

To ensure that the customer is able to consolidate performance indicators in time for its
budgeting campaign, KORUS Consulting experts took the top-down approach that is in
reverse to the customary implementation route, i.e., they started from the general
functionality and then move on to the specifics. The platform is flexible and allowed to
proceed with the Consolidated Reports Module first and then gradually connect other
modules drilling down through data levels. Thus, concurrent to the development of
some modules, other modules were already delivered and used in the budgeting

With this platform INVITRO can immediately see data changes and gets consolidation
results in real time. This facilitates further scenario modelling. Both speed and efficiency
of managerial decisions have improved sizably due to dashboards offered by the
system. Visualization of tables and dynamic graphics allow management team to review
and compare 'live' financial indicators right during budgeting meetings and discussions.
The indicators can range from cumulative to very specific narrow data for a business
activity, department or laboratory.

Moreover, KORUS Consulting has implemented the business planning methodology in
the fields that are new to the customer, i.e., animal health, diagnostics and instrumental
2 examination. Thus, INVITRO can now include all detailed reports for these activities into
the consolidated corporate budget.

'We appreciate the highly skilled work of the KORUS Consulting team for their most
smooth and rapid Anaplan implementation. It has enabled us to run this year budget
campaign already in the new system. Our staff had a rather easy experience of
switching into the new technology. We have established a full-fledged corporate Center
of Excellence that swiftly and with good quality implements into the system new
business ideas related to budgeting and higher efficiency,'
highlights Natalya
Baranova, INVITRO's CFO

'INVITRO is a large and innovation savvy company. As such it is primarily interested in
having a broad capacity for its strategic management, planning and business
development modelling. It explains the company's choice of the cutting-edge and high-
tech intensive IT tools. An Anaplan platform-based solution is maintained by business
users and easily scales up in sync with company's growth. We are confident, that the
Anaplan platform will achieve its potential and will deliver to the customer a tangibly
improved budgeting efficiency along with better performance in other business planning
comments Vsevolod Teplyakov, Head of Business Planning in CPM
Department at KORUS Consulting